We provide a long range of services tailored to satisfy the need of our client. These services include:

1. After Service Payment(ASP) :

Under our After Service Payment (ASP) product, our clients are offered the choice to pay us 30 days after service has been delivered.

2. Door to Door Pick-Up Services:

We pick up our client shipments from their doorstep and at an agreed time.

3. Provision of Proof of Delivery:

As a matter of policy, we ensure that evidence of proof of delivery is sent to our client immediately after delivery.

4. Same Day Delivery:

We have the capacity and facilities to deliver your packages same day to Airport, Cities and major town in Nigeria. Shipment are picked before 12 Noon and delivered the same day before by 5pm.

5. Next Day Deliver:

Shipments going to up-countries are delivered the following day between 8am to 5pm without delay.

6. Prepared Service:

This is a paid in return service rendered when customers are allowed to pay for their shipments to and fro.

7. Weekend Delivery:

We can within 24 hours effectively pick and deliver packages on Saturdays and Sundays.

8. Metro Delivery:

We pick and deliver local or intra-city packages within 24hours.

9. International Express Services:

We have the capacity to pick and deliver at a reasonable time our client's packages to other countries.

10. Haulage Service:

Using the modern day fleet of trucks and mini-trucks, we will move your heavy cargo to any location, back-up with Goods-In-Transit policy.

11. Capital Market Distribution(Bulk Job):

We distribute high volume documents like share Certificates, AGM notices, Annual reports, Dividends Warrants, corporate stocks, Bank statements, NITEL, PHCN, Water bills, vouchers, Invitation cards and calendars.

12. Warehousing:

Our well secured operational warehouse/store are available for use by our clients for a specified time and at a low rate.

13. Relocation:

We have the best facilities to relocate your business from one office to another.

14. Messenger Services:

These are specially designed packages, "Purpose Product Service" aimed at meeting the desire of corporate/professional bodies and individual clients to have their packages given special delivery.

These "Purpose Product Services" include:

a. In house courier which entails the total or partial operation of clients customized mailing system.

b. Consultancy

c. Advisory

d. Training and Recruitment

e. Provision of Equipment